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The Grand


Brand experience

The Grand


From a debonaire concierge in the opening scene to the swinging cocktail party and glittering finale of this quirky, Wes Anderson-inspired brand video, Paper Laundry and team have kept things...Grand.


Click to see the :30 + :15 cuts


Creative Director: Ashlynn Haynes | President + Account Service: Cara Moyle | Director: Jonnie Sirotek | Director of Photography: Will Gardner | Producer: Hillary Thomas | 1st AC: Brendan Young | HMU/Wardrobe: Molly McCurdy | PA: Cam Burke, Michael Haynes, Lynndean Haynes | Edit/Color: Jonnie Sirotek | Casting Director: Jason Stoval | Talent: Wilhelmina Denver | Man: Golden Goodwin | Woman: Erin Hollingsworth | Cyclist: Giselle Bell

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