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The misadventures of two creatives starting a small business.

So Much to Do

Ah, the joy of a small business. You work all day, you think about work during dinner, you work after dinner, you go to bed and you wonder how on earth you are still so behind. No matter what. Every day. Yes, you signed up for this and wouldn’t trade it for anything, however, there can come a time when you feel like you just can’t do another thing. Top that off with the growing pile of laundry in your room and the weird gunk growing in your shower...let’s just say it can be overwhelming.

I hit a point where I had given up on getting ahead. Told myself this was the new normal and to deal with it. Know what isn’t good for your morale? That. It seemed like I was getting half of everything done but never completing something. My nails weren’t done. That one estimate wasn’t complete. I hadn’t eaten breakfast all week. Blog posts weren’t even on my mind. But that’s just how it is right?

Fast forward to one magical night in my life. No, no, not a date. I was at my friend Ali’s house (hey, Ali!) and she produced the most beautiful planner I’d ever seen. It was magical. It was shiny. It had stickers. I had to have one immediately and decided it was only for personal things. Let’s be honest, my phone makes every noise imaginable all day reminding me of places to be, people to call, and things I haven’t done. This planner was quiet, made of paper, and welcoming of doodles. Suddenly I had checklists of things I could do for myself. Yes, I literally put my nails on the list, you’re welcome everyone. Suddenly I was vaguely on top of my personal life and you know what? It made me a ton more productive at work.

Am I here to sell you a planner? No...well, maybe (Ok fine, that link has my personal code. Buy all the planners you want). Planners aren’t for everyone but there’s one thing that is—separation of business and personal. Finding a way to draw a little line in the sand and say, “Hey work, step off. I have to take care of some drawer organizing” might be really good for you and your business. That could mean using a separate app for your personal appointments or having a wall calendar for the things that bring you happiness. Whatever works for you, find a way to make sure your life is taken care of so you can take care of being a boss.

And if you have a better system, we’d love to hear about it. Really.


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