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Logos. They’re Simply Complicated.

You aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover—but we do it every single day. We make snap decisions about stores, products, food, and more based on our first impressions. Often, that first impression is a logo. It’s a primary visual asset on labels, in ads, and on every website you visit. There’s a reason some of the world’s leading brands are recognizable by just a small picture, or even a few relatively simple lines.

So yeah, it’s a pretty important brand element.

When we’re designing a logo, it’s more than just a pretty picture or well-placed letters. Lots of questions are asked and opinions gathered. There’s thought behind the colors, the fonts, and the vibe. It includes an analysis of what competitors are doing. So think about what you like and why—and listen to your designer if they have strategy to take you in a different direction. This Entrepreneur article has 10 foundational questions to consider to make sure you get judged for all the right reasons.

Want to go through a whole bunch more questions? Give us a shout for a deep-dive branding session.


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