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Do You Really Need a Copywriter?

The first few months after we started up, we wanted everything between us to be equal and fair. We both made every decision together, we were both involved in every aspect of the business because this was OURS. Then we had this realization that we are delightfully different and we work well together because we’re good at complementary things. Yin to yang. PB to jelly. Insert other gross analogies here. That’s when we made the decision to do what we’re best at. Seems so simple right? Don’t get mired down in the things you just aren’t naturally good at if someone else can do it and do it better.

And now I shall ascend my soapbox. Kidding, kind of. How many of you hate writing? I mean pull your hair out, stomach drop, find anything else in the world to tackle first kind of hatred? Don’t worry, most of you feel this way. I even felt this way for a long time until I found copywriting—because it is SO different. It’s not a term paper or a business presentation, it’s getting into the psychology of the audience member and getting them on board with what you’re selling. American attention spans are getting ever shorter (assuming only about 75% of you have even gotten this far) and that means less words are more. Most people don’t know how to do this, heck, I’m still learning every day. But it’s become something I’m good at. So don’t waste your time or skills doing something you don’t excel in. That’s what copywriters are here for.

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Rant complete.