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Musings From the Washroom

The misadventures of two creatives starting a small business.

And So it Begins

In case you missed it, Ashlynn and I started a company. This didn’t happen suddenly or without extensive thought. I’d been freelancing for a couple years, Ashlynn had been in agency land and, frankly, we missed working together. We also felt driven to work on projects, and with people, we cared about. I assume that’s why a lot of people start a company, to take the knowledge they’ve gained and do things the way that suits them best. So here we are, working with brands who are trying to do things right and want a partner who will treat them right. It’s the golden rule in the business world—and we love it.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve learned a lot already. Every day we think maybe we’ve hit a plateau and the universe steps in, giggles, and throws us a curveball. But it’s ok because we’re committed to the company and to each other. Yes, we’re work married. So here’s a little of what we would pass on to other small business owners:

  • We knew it was going to be hard. We were wrong, it’s even harder. 
  • They were serious when they said step one is to find a great accountant. Ours is a lifesaver. (Yes, we’ll share her info if you’d like it)
  • Do one of those personality quizzes with your partner or team. (Not the ones in Cosmo, we recommend the Enneagram Institute) Do this with an open mind, recognize your issues, and help your team through theirs.
  • Jump around and act stupid at the small victories—it takes a lot of work to reach them and you deserve to dance and squeal.  
  • We have amazing support from family and friends. You will be blown away by just how much it helps.
  • Put 40% of your earnings in a separate account for taxes. Yes, four-zero, forty. You will not regret this because the IRS will take most of it.
  • We are constantly amazed by the things we know and didn’t even realize. You will be too.
  • You will be a better person for starting your business. Never doubt it.
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