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2016: What a Year it Was!

You guys, we made it. We look back on our first calendar year of business and holy moly have we come a long way. We’ve more than doubled our client list, brought on the lovely Sarah as Account Director, won a real RFP without any word-of-mouth recommendations, and even managed to reconcile the books through the end of the year. We’re further than we ever imagined we be in just 10 months.

One amazing thing I can’t recommend enough is to take time at the end of the year to appreciate how far you have come. Once you’re done celebrating, set your goals for the year. Set little goals, set personal goals, and set really big, mind boggling goals. Goals that will make you money, goals that will make you better. We did it and it not only captured where we wanted to go, but helped us realize where everyone else in the company wanted to be.

2017 is going to be big guys, go make it yours!

Cara Moyle