Paper Laundry

Who we are

We are the laundresses.


Cara Moyle
Owner + President

+ Mad Skills: Strategic thinking, creating a brand voice, sassy headlines, organization, concepting

+ What You’ll Love: Attitude, ability to understand your business, engaging tone, collaboration

+ Fun Facts: Colorado kid who has never skied, podcast enthusiast, subservient to a cat named Dude, passionate traveler, and serious wine craver



Ashlynn Dawes Haynes  
Owner + Creative Director

+ Mad Skills: Hand-drawn type, overarching brand strategy,  bringing vision to the voice, bizarre guerrilla tactics

+ What You’ll Love: Genuine, thoughtful design, plays well with others  

+ Fun Facts: Speaks fluent Wookiee with her dog Marley, has heard every episode of This American Life at least three times, can keep orchids blooming...seriously